Core Ethical Principles

In their book Ethics in Psychology, Koocher and Keith-Spiegel (1998) outlined nine ethical principles for psychologists. These principles can be applied to ethics in many areas, including psychology and the work of behavior analysts. Koocher and Keith-Spiegel’s nine core ethical principles are so basic—yet often go unstated—that we listed them here for all behavior analysts to consider when they are developing and implementing behavior programs.

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Respecting Autonomy
  3. Benefiting Others
  4. Being Just
  5. Being Faithful
  6. According Dignity
  7. Treating Others With Caring And Compassion
  8. Pursuit of Excellence
  9. Accepting Accountability
Integrity Compass

Koocher, G. P., & Keith-Spiegel, P. (1998). Ethics in psychology: Professional standards and cases (2nd ed.).
New York: Oxford University Press.